Welcome to Sodor Productions 3D!

5900 Hinderton Hall
5900 Hinderton Hall

Hello, and welcome to Sodor Productions 3D! Run By SodorProductions and NSEIvor08600 (now 08600ng02shunter) from YouTube. We're also on the SI3D Forums as JimJames (SodorProductions) and ng02shunter. Joining us is MasterofTrains to help provide you with even more models and layouts! Here we will be providing you with some Trainz reskins (both Thomas and non-Thomas ones), various layouts!, and maybe a few surprises along the way, so stay tuned for new content soon!

The Team!


Jim: the boss

Nathan: co Boss

Nicko4472: Loco, Building and Route creator

TheGoldenArrow1995: Route Maker